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event related to the planning task

Download this example of gantt schedule : ../pdf/example-gantt-chart.pdf

Format d'une tâche

Create a provisional schedule (without dates)

You also have the possibility to create a planning without notion of time (Week 1, week 2, 3.....); This is very useful for planning in the project phase and then to postpone the planning to a start date once the launch is known.

Unaccounted for task

From the event properties, indicate that a task is not to be counted on the total of the line. Also you can declare unaccounted days or remarkable (for bad weather or public holidays!)

Summary bar

A synthesis bar can be displayed or not when closing a title group or subgroup. This horizontal bar therefore starts at the earliest until the latest.

Summary bar

Progress of tasks

A percentage progress bar can be defined for each event in the schedule. This allows you to define the real progress of a task. To make all these advancements in one click, just right-click on the day (column header) and choose in the contextual menu that will appear[Advance to a date]

Progress of tasks

Chain of tasks

You can link each event together with a End-Start link. Discover the details of this link function in the following video: