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The first step in realizing your gantt planning will be to create the task structure. You will find it here in the title column on the left. Each title (or task) can be broken down into subtasks, so that creates a hierarchy of tasks.

 Gestion des titres dans le logiciel de planning de projet

Creating tasks

Managing the title tree structure, to the left of the main interface, is very easy. By a simple click on a new line, or a line where a name is in place, a menu is displayed with different choices such as adding a title, or a subtitle:

Work Breakdown Structure

If you are familiar with Microsoft® Project, the point of view here is different. In the latter we call this tasks to which you define dates. In Sodeasoft Gnt Planning, a task is called a title and then you just have to place events on the date of your choice directly in the grid.

Organize your task structure

The order of tasks is done either by clicking to move up or down a line or by holding down the button on a title and moving it to the desired location

Organize your task structure

Create your own models

This tree structure can be exported in order to be reused for the creation of your new schedules! This is very useful, for example when using this planning for your sites, architects often meet the same trades, so all you need to do to create a planning is import your model.