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Working on you schedule with Excel is over!

Don't waste any more time setting up your schedule on Excel, merging the cells to recreate a schedule. With Gnt Planning, quickly create your project schedule according to the Gantt Chart in just a few clicks! Easy to use, the GNT Planning software takes over the philosophy of the Excel interface but already gives you the basics of planning. Focus directly on your planning!



sodeasoft gnt planning pour les architectes

Designed to be simple

Discover this ideal software for the architects with the evaluation version indispensable to verify your needs

A large number of functions are integrated as the possibility of adding a day in the middle; This causes the events to shift..., each event has style properties such as color, padding, shape, text, or display of start and end dates. They can also be connected to each other...

Project Planning

You can also create a schedule without the notion of actual dates using a week number from 1 to N. Ideal for planned work schedules for the purpose of tenders for example. Then you can in a click, choose to return with a date display and set the schedule to the right dates you want.

Planning Prévisionnel Travaux
editor Planning Gantt PDF

Customizable PDF prints

Create your PDF schedule as you wish! On a large sheet or stretched over several pages to assemble as a poster or banner! The software has a fully customizable PDF file generator!



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