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The term "Resource management" refers to employees, but also equipment or even rooms. You simply need to check the right box:

Choix du type de ressources du logiciel de planning
Choosing a resource type in the scheduler

Different Contracts

You can indicate different employee contracts or limitations on room availability within the scheduler. This enables you to hide employees who are no longer under contract without having to delete them, for instance. It also stores all the functions linked to these resources within the scheduler for the corresponding dates:

Viewing resource contracts in the scheduler
Viewing resource contracts in the scheduler

Weekly Templates

You can define weekly templates for each resource, enabling you in one click to create a schedule by choosing to apply it a given number of times:

Creating a week model in the scheduler software
Creating a week model in the scheduler software

By defining each employee's schedule, or defaults for your company, you can view the time slots for working and non-working hours for each resource in Calendar mode:

Visualization of the schedule

You can assign several qualifications to a resource from the resource record. The software can then help you avoid assigning a task to any resource that does not have the required skills to complete it. In turn, you can also monitor your daily planned workload with the planning help tool:

Assigning qualifications to employees in the scheduler software
Assigning qualifications to employees

If you have documents to attach (photos, Word files, Excel files, etc.), you can link them to each of your resources and access them in one click from the scheduler:

Linking documents to a resource
Linking documents to a resource

Group Creation

If you have many resources, it can be useful to group them by function or region (department, team, etc.) in order to select an entire group and view everything more clearly. Please note that a single person can belong to one or more groups and even be visible in every group:

Grouping people into one or several groups
Grouping people into one or several groups

You can also rank all your resources in any order you choose:

classement par ordre des salariés dans le planning
Ranking resources

When it comes to working with rooms or equipment, there is a specific print format for showing how different human resources are assigned to them on a daily basis:

Assigning employees to rooms or equipment
Assigning employees to rooms or equipment

For detailed information on room management, please read our blog article (french) :

Another interesting feature enables you to link an Outlook calendar to a resource via the scheduler in order to synchronise them! Simply select the calendar in the resource record and the software takes care of the rest!

synchronisation outlook
Synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook