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A truly simple scheduling tool

A comprehensive software platform that enables users to keep track of what team members are up to at all times and assign them multiple tasks


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Exemple de planning SodeaSoft

Gone are the days of scheduling on Excel!

Don't waste another precious work day preparing your schedule the old-fashioned way. Merging cells on Excel is no way to manage schedules. Instead, use Excel to retrieve the calculations from Planning Pro and/or optimize your rates. With Planning Pro, there is zero confusion. It operates on the same philosophy as the Excel interface, only with a planning functionality built on top. With the tedious aspects of planning simplified, you can now devote your energies to more productive tasks.

Simplify your planning taks


Organize your work schedule

  • agenda individuel
  • planning de tâches
  • mise en page du planning
  • impression PDF du planning par client ou salarié
  • outil de planification

With the help of this powerful software tool, managers can quickly assign multiple tasks as well as clients to any employee. They can even manage vacation scheduling in order to rotate tasks between the available human resources.
For a better view of the assigned task landscape, managers can use multiple colors when defining the schedule. Moreover, they can set equipment cycling to ensure increased efficiency even during holiday months.

Discover 5 Essential Tips

1. View the planning according to a specific resource

By clicking on the name of a resource, the interface will change so that you can see all assigned tasks in a detailed view.

gestion des ressources dans le planning

2. Speed up schedule creation

Create a predefined list of tasks. You can find it by right clicking and then in just one more click, you can add the chosen task to the schedule! You will notice that when you select a task, two small rectangles appear which allow you to expand the task over several days.

Ajouter rapidement des tâches dans le planning

3. Duplicate a task quickly

Simply hold down the left CTRL key on your keyboard while moving the task to duplicate it! Note that you can still also use traditional copy/paste to achieve the same. You can also copy and paste days or weeks to a task group.

dupliquer un rendez-vous

4. Connect a client to a task

You can easily link a task to a client through its properties. This will allow you to quickly view the stats of any particular customer!

relier un client dans le planning

5. Print the schedule as a PDF

In one click, you can edit one or all of the individual schedules in PDF format. It is also possible to email the schedule to each of your employees. They will receive the PDF schedule as an attachment.

imprimer le planning en pdf

Check your schedule right from your browser

With the HTML option, Planning Pro will take care of creating the associated internet pages and can automatically send them to a folder on your website. This allows you to view your schedule online from your smartphone or from any other device that can access the internet. This feature is ideal for sharing your schedule or a group planning with your employees!